Friday, September 16, 2016

Enough is enough: Do NOT vote for Mary Ann Gaido, a hypocrite

Enough is enough: Do NOT vote for Mary Ann Gaido, a hypocrite

Many people call Mary Ann Gaido a hypocrite, I agree with them for the following reasons:

1.      On growth: As a Planning Commissioner, Mary Ann Gaido voted for and is responsible for most of the growth that caused the traffic congestion in Irvine, yet she recently started to criticize the development that she voted for.

Lately, Mary Ann Gaido has taken on another extreme and radical position and is trying to fool people into voting for her.

Mary Ann Gaido’s current platform is too far left and not right for Irvine. My platform is a middle-of-the-road approach and is what Irvine needs right now. For example, many voters think the development of Irvine for the past ten years is too fast and too rapid. Mary Ann Gaido's solution is to completely STOP all development. Her solution will NOT work and is bad for Irvine. My solution is to manage our growth, through proper urban planning, and control of our development. My solution is a middle-of-the-road approach, and it will work.

2.      On the Veteran’s Cemetery: Mary Ann Gaido claims that she supports the veterans, yet she refuses to give the veterans what they want. There are currently two potential sites for the Veteran’s Cemetery, most veterans want the alternative proposed site that is near the #5 Freeway and Bake Parkway. You can verify this information with the leader of the veterans, Bill Cook.

Mary Ann Gaido has limited the veterans' choice to the original proposed location. This is more for her personal political gain than for the veterans. Why? Because the original location will probably NOT work; it requires millions of dollars for cleaning and demolition costs. Where is the money? I support the veterans, and I want to make sure the veterans have two choices.  In fact, most veterans like the new alternate site. I support the new alternate cemetery site and the landswap proposed by the veterans. The new site will work.

3.      On representing the people of Irvine: Mary Ann Gaido claims that she will represent the people of Irvine, yet she is actually supported by interest groups. For example, “Irvine Community News & Views” (a political mailer that disguised itself as “newspaper” and an online “news” blog) provides free resources to Mary Ann Gaido. “Liberal OC”, an online blog also provides free resources to Mary Ann Gaido.

The so-called “newspaper,” “Irvine Community News & Views (ICNV)” has published a number of articles to make Mary Ann Gaido look good, and put other mayoral candidates down.

Mary Ann Gaido claims that she represents the Irvine people. What a joke? With all the big money, free resources, and promotions funded by special interest groups, you can expect a big “pay back” from Mary Ann Gaido to these special interest groups if she does get elected.

Irvine voted Larry Agran out of office in 2014. Mary Ann Gaido has been very close to Larry Agran for over 40 years.  She is a part of Larry Agran’s team. Mary Ann Gaido is a part of the problem and not the solution for Irvine. The Great Park debacle became one of the biggest scandals under former Mayor Larry Agran and some other city council members. 251 million dollars was mishandled, less than half of the money was actually spent on the design and construction of the Great Park, 43 million dollars was un-accounted for, and many contracts were handed out without any bidding. You can see all the details of the Great Park disaster at the OC Grand Jury's report at this link (pay special attention to the findings on pages 24 to 26 of the pdf):

4.      On running her campaign:  Mary Ann Gaido claims that she will run a “clean” campaign, yet her campaign is NOT totally transparent and filled with questionable acts.

Here is an example:
  1.  Besides all the free promotional articles she has received from “Irvine Community News & Views (ICNV),” and “Liberal OC,” Mary Ann Gaido had a full page “paid” advertisement at the “fake” newspaper, Irvine Community News & Views, in June 2016, but she did NOT report the expense of the paid advertisement on her Form 460. She is under FPPC investigation now.

  1. Please see the following link:

  1. In the June 2016 Issue of the Irvine Community News & Views (ICNV), there is a full page ad for Gaido. The so-called "Open Letter" entitled "Why Am I Running for Mayor" says "Mary Ann Gaido for Mayor 2016, ID# 1383418" at the end of the ad. We cannot find any expense about this ad on Gaido's original Form 460. Why is she getting all this free advertisement, coverage and promotions, when other candidates did not receive any?

d.      Who is she trying to fool? Mary Ann Gaido just filed the amended Form 460 on 8/31/16 after she was caught for not paying for the ad, and not reporting the expenses to FPCC. However, she should still be punished for her mishandling of this in the first place. Whoever filed the amended Form 460 tried to fool people and manually overwrite the date on the form as 8/5/16, but the city’s e-file system clearly shown the amended Form 460 was actually filed on 8/31/16.

e.       This evidence is a smoking gun, and shows Mary Ann Gaido is either incompetent and mishandled campaign finance at best, or intentionally tried to cheat FPPC and the people by concealing the truth at worst. So far, she still has NOT paid for the $6,000-worth of “paid” advertisement to ICNV. On her latest amended Form 460 filed on 8/30/16, Schedule F still shows the $6,000-worth of alleged “paid” ad as actually unpaid bills. “Paid” ad? Well, she has NOT actually paid for the ad yet. This is a blatant lie.

f.        She cannot claim that she did not know about this and it is her staff’s fault. Every candidate is required to sign the Form 460. She signed this document and is responsible for it.

If Mary Ann Gaido cannot solve the problems of traffic congestion and control growth when she worked as a planning commissioner, how can she solve these problems when she becomes the mayor?

Haven’t we had enough of Mary Ann Gaido’s failed policies? Enough is enough: Do NOT vote for Mary Ann Gaido, a hypocrite.

On November 8, please vote for me, Gang Chen, for a real change. Together, we can make Irvine better. I’ll be honored to have your vote.

Please see our campaign website ( for my platform and solutions for Irvine.

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