Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Videos of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Videos of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

After talking with thousands of voters, we have summarized the following frequently asked questions (FAQ) and our answers. Each question is asked and responded to using a very short video. For your convenience, we also place our written response as a separate blog post:

Videos of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

1.      What is your vision for Irvine?

2.      Have you held any kind of public office before? Why should we vote for you?

3.      Why do you use "Join Our Gang for a Better Irvine!" as your campaign slogan?

4.      What is your position on the veterans' cemetery in Irvine?

5.      Are you going to represent ALL people in Irvine?

6.      What is the progress on the Great Park Project?

7.      What are the differences between Mary Ann Gaido and you?